My Early Veterinary Life

My life has been heading in the right direction from a very early age. Although my parents had nothing to do with the veterinary profession, I was proclaiming to become a vet when I was six years old. When I reached 12 years old, I started visiting a veterinary clinic nearby my hometown, helping clean the rooms and taking care of the animals. This relationship slowly evolved into eight years of lasting friendship, becoming a side job during my studies in high school and early college.

College and Veterinary Experience

I was accepted to University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno in 2012 for a 6-year long graduate program of Veterinary Medicine. I graduated and got my DVM degree in 2018. During my studies I was getting my further veterinary experience volunteering at my university’s Small Animal Clinic and in small animal private practice at VETINO Jaggy Clinic. In my free time, I have been president of the Academic Section of the Faculty Senate and Director’s Board of Students.

VETUNI Small Animal Clinic

I have been offered to stay after my graduation at the Small Animal Clinic by the President of the University. I spent one year working at Gastroenterology Ambulance as a veterinarian. I gained a lot of experience in different aspects of the job, and I am grateful that the experience formed me in a certain way. I had the opportunity to be trained and performed emergency service approximately three times a month. I also gained a lot of teaching experience as I lectured a class on Internal Medicine I, II, and III, Veterinary Propedeutics, and Day One Skills in Gastroenterology. I enjoyed all of the teaching experience, and I would like to continue lecturing in the future.

Iowa State University

In 2019, I was offered a Ph.D. student position in Biomedical Sciences in SMART Lab (Iowa State University). My major professors were Dr. Karin Allenpsach and Dr. Jon Mochel. I had this beautiful opportunity to submerge myself in an exciting field of stem cell research with access to a diverse portfolio of samples in cooperation with Iowa State’s Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity and moved to Iowa in January 2020.

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